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Agricultural machinery

We develop, manufacture, sell and service machines for slurry management such as MIX sludge pumps, AZV agitators, technological equipment for storage of individual commodities and separators for slurry separation. We have developed our own TM 150, TM 180, TM 220 grass mulchers, which are very easy to use in orchards, vineyards and other grassy areas.

  • Slurry management

    MIX type sludge pumps are designed for the pumping of slurry, sludge and contaminated liquids. They can be used for pumping from pumped storage tanks to elevated storage tanks, for transfer into mobile means for direct application on land, adjacent to the hold. It is equipped with a mixing jet, mechanically controlled in the horizontal direction.

    The PTS slurry pump has a cutting disc and blades made of chrome-vanadium steel./p>

    Separators are used to separate solid and liquid fractions from liquid cattle manure and bio-grass stations. Offered output of 4 kW and 5.5 kW.4-20.

    Agitators – We manufacture machinery and equipment for the needs of slurry farms and other facilities where homogenisation and pumping of slurry, sludge, etc., is necessary.

    • Stationary – designed for elevated tanks.
    • Mobile – designed for application in sump holes and tanks, mounted on tractor's three-point linkage.

What are our benefits?

  • We strive for an individual approach to each customer
  • We offer a wide range of machines and accessories
  • We pride ourselves on fair and friendly cooperation
  • We offer unique solutions for individual modifications
  • We have our own development centre

Camelid mounted container forwarder

In consultation with fruit and wine growers, we have developed the Camelid mounted container forwarder for the transport and logistics of agricultural products from fields and orchards. You can choose between different machine sizes. Camelid will thus find application with small and large farmers. For these machines, we have produced a variety of containers for transporting water, fertiliser, firewood or livestock.

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