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Forestry machinery

We produce machines of our own design, especially for companies engaged in forestry services and forest land managers. We can also make individual adjustments exactly according to customer requirements. We supply spare parts and warranty or post-warranty service. We sell machines of the brands STS, KESLA, NAARVA, VENTURA, NORCAR, BMF, KRPAN.

  • Wood forwarder

    An indispensable tool in wood processing is undoubtedly the balancer. In our offer, you will find high-quality, compact and time-tested STS balancers, which we have been manufacturing since 2004. For the needs of private owners of smaller forest areas, we offer 4T, 6T, 7T timber balancers and for professional use STS 10T and STS 12T balancers.

    We can equip all balancing sets with accessories according to the individual needs of each customer. These are mainly stand-alone hydraulics, stand-alone hydraulic drives, different types of hinges, fixed 40 mm, swivel 50 mm and the now much used K80, switchboard holders with operator's station, sludge tubs and sludge presses. As an engineering company with its own development centre, we offer various modifications and superstructures according to customer specifications.

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  • Hydraulic arm

    All the hydraulic loaders we sell are designed with efficiency, usability and safety in mind. Each hydraulic arm is a combination of solid power, reach and dexterity. In practice, this translates into precision, comfort and strength of work. Many of the design solutions used in our loaders are based on high-performance professional cranes. These solutions make loading cranes an extremely durable and reliable partner for forestry work.

    The STS NJ model series offers quality machines that can be used both stationary and aggregated on forwarders or on their own mounts to a third point linkage.

    The Kesla model range is professionally proven worldwide and can offer a wide range of applications in various spheres of human activity.

    Among our comprehensive range of products for the needs of wood processing, agriculture and municipal services, we offer our own NJ 42, NJ68 and NJ85V hydraulic loaders. The individual digits indicate the reach of each hydraulic arm. Upon customer request, we can offer a large number of designs with various accessories such as different hydraulic distributors, tilting or extending supports, winches, rotators and grabs. The machines and the equipment are solely built using components with STRENX marking.

    In order to be able to meet almost all wishes and requirements of our customers, we also sell professional KESLA loaders, which we have mounted on forwarders of our own design, mounted as stationary loaders in lumberyards, in timber processing plants or on trucks in the agricultural and municipal sector. We produce and perform the individual aggregations ourselves.

    On the basis of a large number of sold machines and demand from existing customers and from Slovakia, we provide fast delivery of spare parts directly from the manufacturer and further provide servicing for machines not sold by us. A significant part of our sales is comprised of machines from the Estonian company BMF, from which we mainly sell hydraulic cranes.

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  • Mounted universal shredders

    NUD mounted universal shredders are suspended on the tractor's three-point linkage. The drive of a working drum with knives or hammers is driven between the mount and the machine by means of an articulated shaft. The drive is transmitted by a angle transmission to both sides of the drum and by belts to the rotor. The rotor of the shredder is comprised of a shaft upon which it is possible to weld moulded discs.

    The main use of these machines is in the processing of mining residues, working under power lines or processing of scrub on farmers' land.

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What are our benefits?

  • We strive for an individual approach to each customer
  • We offer a wide range of machines and accessories
  • We pride ourselves on fair and friendly cooperation
  • We offer unique solutions for individual modifications
  • We have our own development centre

What forestry equipment do we sell?

  • STS balancers with hydraulic cranes
  • Tractor processors and KESLA harvester heads
  • Ventura forestry soil clear-cutters
  • NAARVA harvester head
  • KRPAN forestry winches
  • NIAB tractor processor
  • BM forestry machines

Second-hand equipment bazaar

Are you considering selling your forestry equipment? Are you looking for something new? We can easily jointly solve both. We will arrange the sale and prepare a quote for a new machine. All professionally and with a friendly smile. Don't believe it? Give us a go!


We service forestry equipment, contact us.